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Frequently asked questions

“Eritrea 6191” Channel is an effective Eritrean national tool that aims to respond to the aspirations of the Eritrean people for freedom and dignity, and work to preserve their national gains and achievements. It is in this spirit that I, Mr. Jamal Wad Adam Beck, the founder and owner of “Eritrea 6191” Channel,  and with my team of supervisors and administrators, bring you glad tidings; the launching of this new and serious work project, and behind us are the Eritrean people to fulfill our people’s desires for freedom and dignity.

This channel aims to spread awareness among the Eritrean people, to mobilize all energies and capabilities in order to achieve the dream of a constitutional state that fulfills the aspirations of the Eritrean people. We will work to make our channel a window for all the people, and the voice of the voiceless and the persecuted and oppressed among our people. We shall do our utmost to preserve the heroic history of the Eritrean people, safeguard the gains of our revolution and our country, which was bred with blood and tears, and we will work with a patriotic spirit and high motivation to overcome the difficulties and challenges currently before us, to move into wide atmosphere of freedom, justice and equality.

Eritrea channel 61-91 calls on the Eritrean people to free themselves from all non-patriotic sentiments, which inflame the spirit of dissention and disunity and to rise to the rank of national cohesion and to spread the spirit of national unity, and that this great people of Eritrea should be given the opportunity to fulfill themselves and build their identity.

The channel works with all patriots to change the regime, to reach a civil state based on the rule of law, protect public as well as individual freedoms, seek equality among citizens, prevent the exploitation of religion in politics, empower women and youth socially, politically and economically, and protect vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Equal citizenship without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, language, or political orientation, to build a society in which the citizen has equal rights and duties, and to build a system that adopts the principle of separation of the three powers, and ensures that there is no overlapping and that no authority encroaches the other.

  1. Changing the existing system in Eritrea through mobilization of the masses, and by all available means.
  2. Drafting a permanent constitution for the country through the participation of all Eritrean people.
  3. (Eritrea 6191) channel believes that sovereignty belongs to the people and is the source of authority, and that the sanctity of the state depends on the extent of the people’s freedom and respect for their choices.
  4. Work to deliver our message by all available means to the Eritrean people to mobilize them, to stand together to defend their honorable struggle legacy and history and lay the foundations for the renaissance of their future in a free and fully sovereign nation.
  5. Ensuring the participation of all Eritreans in the change, and then provide the required platform and common ground that allows them to participate effectively.
  6. Achieving justice through the sharing of power and wealth, a fair distribution of services and development, and the opportunity to participate in determining the future of the nation without exclusion or marginalization of any of the Eritrean components.
  7. Ensuring religious and political freedom for individuals, freedom of movement, trade and ownership without any restrictions.
  8. Guaranteeing the right of all refugees to return to their home land of which they were displaced by colonialism and the current regime.
  9. Achieving the principle of equal opportunities in education, the economy and other necessities and means of life, for citizens alike, so that there ae self-actualized citizens, in the various fields of human activity, and to demonstrate their real competencies & maximum potentials.
  10. The system of government in the state of Eritrea is a constitutional parliamentary system, and the executive authority is responsible to the legislative authority which is directly elected by the people.
  11. The state of Eritrean adopts decentralized administrative system, so that every region has the opportunity to manage its affairs.
  12. The judiciary is safeguarded and independent of any other authority, and it enjoys constitutional immunity.

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